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    Lawn Doctor, a leading franchisor of lawn care services with over 50 years of experience1

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CNL Strategic Capital

CNL Strategic Capital is a company that owns private companies and seeks to provide long-term growth and monthly income by offering:

  • First-time access to this private equity strategy, historically limited to large institutional investors2
  • The potential for meaningful returns outside of publicly traded markets
  • An experienced management team: CNL Financial Group, an investment management firm with over 45 years of history, and Levine Leichtman Capital Partners, an institutional asset manager with 35+ years of history2

This investment is speculative, has substantial costs, and differs from traditional private equity.

There is no assurance this objective will be met.
An investment in CNL Strategic Capital does not provide investors with a direct ownership interest in the underlying businesses.
Institutional investors invest with strategies, terms and conditions different from those of individual investors, who typically have a shorter investment time horizon, possess lower risk capacity, have greater liquidity needs and pay higher fees and expenses for retail offerings. CNL Strategic Capital commenced operations in February 2018 and has a limited operating history.